Infusing Sri Lankan culture to hotel interior at Taj Samudra

How it was:

When the 02nd floor of Taj Samudra was renovated, the project team looked for an interior concept which would accentuate the Sri Lankan heritage, as the hotel wasn’t perceived by many locals to be a Sri Lankan property. There was a noticeable association of the hotel to Indian culture rather than Sri Lankan which affected the overall perception of the hotel. The new interior concept therefore had to bring out the Sri Lankan element to make the hotel rooms close to the heart for locals as well as for tourists who seek to embrace the Sri Lankan culture

How We Approached!

We aimed to highlight the Sri Lankan heritage in a more engaging way for the residents. As most residents come directly from the airport to the hotel, our intention was to give Sri Lanka at a glance as they walk through hotel corridors to their rooms

What We Ignited!

We made the hard choice to hunt for photographs with a historical value to be developed to fuse them into the interior of the hotel rooms. In hunting for photographs, we paid close attention to the color balancing and angles. Sepia color tone was reproduced to feature the vintage look of the photographs. The selection was then framed in a durable canvas with wooden framing with a handwritten tagline for each photograph to get the residents engaged with it

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