How it was:

Dynasty Residence is the first residential apartment complex to trace Kandy’s skyline with 93 tastefully designed units. The property is located at a strategic area in Kandy surrounded by Hanthana, Knuckles and Hunnasgiri mountain range and with a proximity of 30m to Mahaweli river. In undertaking the project to induce brand interaction on digital marketing platforms for Dynasty Residence, we identified a mismatch between the brand image and the brand message. Even though Dynasty Residence promotes a modern living experience, the brand message carried a conventional tone with a non-consistent tagline which focused more on the ancestral heritage of Kandy city, rather than the living experience of the apartment complex. We noticed a lack of brand direction and an inconsistency in delivering a brand message. The style of content and the usage of social media platforms were too outdated to compete with other high-end apartment complexes

An integrated marketing strategy to boost brand interaction for Dynasty Residence

How We Approached!

Our focus was to integrate Dynasty brand image into the digital brand communication strategy through a clear brand message definition. We identified Dynasty’s location as the key differentiating factor and its adherence to green living standards as a key value addition

What We Ignited!

(Own a piece of history from the land of the kings to High-end, healthy living experience in a paradise with 360 mountain and river views)

From defining the brand message to optimizing brand content, we extended our branding expertise to set the direction of Dynasty Residence as an apartment complex with state of the art amenities which promotes a modern living experience. The content was well structured and the brand story was redefined to highlight the living experience at Dynasty. We identified upper class and upper middle class as the potential customer base and brand communication platforms were identified accordingly. Our branding strategy brought the story of the owner and his passion to bring superior quality living standards to his hometown to limelight because we believe every brand reflects the story of the people behind it

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